Answers for Landowners/Brokers/Developers

Questions and Answers for Landowners/Brokers/Developers

I-75 Corridor Council

(As of May 16, 2016)


Q-What Are We Trying To Accomplish?

A-Enhance the region’s economic vitality and quality of life. Work with transportation, community and economic development efforts to formulate a cohesive, comprehensive and connected plan. Avoid “single spot improvements” by focusing efforts on the corridor as a collective and as a valuable resource to the region.


Q-Why Are We Doing This?

A-Develop a sense of place. Promote community long-term goals and objectives. Offer a variety of land uses. Promote a diverse and connected network. Develop community destinations. Incorporate a community vision. Preempt a sprawl cycle.


Q-How Are We Doing This?

A-Developing close working relationships between planning commissions, municipalities and local leaders. Getting the public involved. Integrating local and state planning efforts. Creating a task force – committee to implement plan/vision/goal. Diagnosing assets and challenges in the community/region/corridor. Adopting a plan. Build awareness and promote regional branding. Include regulatory agencies in planning processes to achieve goals. Consider gradual implementation to allow for funding sources. Work with and involve landowners/developers/brokers. Encourage leadership to constantly and consistently articulate vision.


 Q-Who will be included in the Council’s work?

A-The I-75 Summit Committee, community stakeholders, private landowners, developers, government, utilities and the citizens of the communities affected by the effort.


Q-What is the purpose of the Council?

A-To become a coordinating group and a communication vehicle focused on the development of four Interstate 75 exits (138, 142, 144 and 146). The I-75 Corridor effort will focus on pursuing the most appropriate development opportunities with willing property owners/brokers/developers around those four Interstate exits.


Q-What is the Vision of the Council?

A-I-75 CORRIDOR COUNCIL VISION: The creation of a progressive mixed use development plan for the I- 75 Corridor that offers expanded opportunities, that is connected in appearance and features, and that meets the needs of residents, travelers and developers, while serving as a national model for cooperation.


Q-What is the Council’s most immediate task(s)?

A-Communication among the various government agencies, engaging partner organizations and the public,


Q-Is the Council marketing property in the corridor?

A-No. The Council does not own any property in the corridor and envisions future transactions to be between willing buyers and sellers. 2


Q-Is there already property for sale in the corridor?

A-Yes. Several owners and brokers already have properties for sale in the corridor.


Q-Is the Council a formal organization?

A-No, not at this time. The Council is currently a communication vehicle without Bylaws or formal structure. Flint Energies employees are facilitating the process and keeping accurate records of the Council activity. The Council cannot make any decisions which are binding on any other governmental body or property owner. Q-Where is the Corridor? A- The primary focus of the Corridor starts at Exit 149 in Byron and concludes at Exit 134 in Perry which includes all Interstate exits between.


Answers for Landowners and Brokers in the Corridor